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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of months you'll know everyone has literally been going crazy about the UK economy and what's in store for us.

However.. Lets move this away from a UK Economy episode of BBC one's Question Time and get on with it.

It's fair to say the UK 'packs a decent economic punch' for its size,we are a pretty small island in the middle of the Atlantic surrounded by much larger countries. But lets face it we aren't the 5th largest economy in the world just by luck & the UK Fitness Industry plays a very important role as studies show that the UK fitness market in 2015 was worth a whopping 4.3 BILLION POUNDS.

5 million people now have active health club memberships in the UK, which although seems like an incredible number this works out to just 12% of the overall UK population.

So why only 12%?

And NO its not because the other 88% are lazy..!

Here are some reasons to consider;


An average gym visit can take around 3 hours, most people cant afford this amount of time away from their families or personal commitments.


Do 88% of people know what style of training they should do? Do people really know how to train their body to produce the end result they want?- Granted, everyone in the world knows how to use a treadmill but I think we're all in agreement its very boring! As Nutrition plays a role of 80% in any desired result, do most people know what to eat and when?


Quite obviously the gym you've signed up to doesn't change location between visits meaning you have to find the 'will power' to go after a stressful day at work or its a case of setting the alarm bright and early to sneak a cheeky gym session in before heading off to the office.


This is a biggy ranking number 2 right next to time. People can't stand the thought of someone watching them do a workout whilst twisted into a compromising position in the gym.


well if you're simply not going or are lacking the necessary direction, how do people really expect to achieve their result? However, we of course salute anyone who tries, we all love a trier!


The solution - well this is EASY PEASY.. It’s Train Learn Go (please excuse the shameless plug!)

Here are our solutions;


Our training sessions are 45 minutes long meaning within 48 minutes we are in and out of clients homes! There are 10,080 minutes in 1 week.. Everyone has 45 minutes available for some exercise.


All of our Consultants are fully qualified and then re-trained by our CEO, we speak 1 language when it comes to Nutrition here at TLG and that is simply the truth - science and biology! YES, we are a bit geeky here!


We go to clients so unless they literally do not let us through the front door we turn up every week!


We fully understand some people suffer with confidence issues so we take a  totally professional and non judgmental approach to clients and make them understand they've already taken the hardest step and that's making the initial phone call to us!


This is what we do! The reason most of our business comes from referrals across all our branches around the UK is because our clients achieve RESULTS!


So after reading this blog, should everyone quit their gym membership and join the nearest Train Learn Go.. YES.. Ha!

All joking aside we aren't for everyone, much like a gym apparently isn't for over 80% of the UK population!

We just offer something different by bringing a comprehensive approach and a dynamic outlook into the UK Fitness industry.

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