Knowledge is POWER!

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A phrase used by countless individuals and organizations across the globe including us here at Train Learn Go. Usually the front man of a marketing campaign or perhaps to enhance or adjust customer perception of the brand its fronting, either way it is hugley over used and has some what lost its impact to say the least. This short sentence is now up there with cliches such as 'at the end of the day' or 'the bottom line is...'.

Basically tired old phrases that we all seem to spout from time to time almost autonomously with no real meaning. Yet for some reason Train Learn Go continues to reinforce it in their marketing and PR. Why?

Why would a young company with a youthful and fresh approach to the fitness and nutrition industry preach such an over utilized, borderline invisible caption as part of its promotion?

At the heart of Train Learn Go is a guy with a passion, no an obsession for righting the many wrongs within the fitness industry. A guy so determined to change all that we think we know as individuals about nutrition and exercise that he has sacrificed 13 years of his adult life to finally launch Train Learn Go which has already became the largest and only corporate Mobile Personal Training company in the UK.

The very soul of TLG is its reluctance to go with the flow and tell people what they want to hear. To quote the man himself 'I would rather make no money at all telling people the truth than obtain wealth by deception'.

His knowledge is incredible, genuinely brilliant, and his experience is varied, deep and derived from 13 years of ups, downs, successes, and failures and as a result serves up a picture of training and guidance to the masses that is thus far unrivaled.

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Take a look at the company logo? The word 'Learn' is the only of the 3 words which is in green. This was no accident, that word was highlighted deliberately to assure it's clients that what they will get will not just be a training program and a new way to view food but also a much needed and absolutely necessary education with particular emphasis on nutrition. Train Learn Go believes strongly that its clients successes are in huge thanks to the time spent by its staff compulsorily teaching its clients about nutrition and human biology, when we understand we have purpose and when we have purpose we have the vision that success is not just achievable but almost a sure thing.

Our clients will frequently remark 'if only someone had explained it to me like that 20 years ago'. Diet books, commercial diets, tips from a friend all aim to help in their own way but all to often lack the one crucial ingredient which we include in abundance and as standard. That ingredient is knowledge! Without knowledge we are simply following orders and it is human nature to question orders given to us by others if for whatever reason you disagree or feel that you can make something 'easier'.

However with knowledge you are able to see structure in what you are trying to do and are therefore considerably more likely to change your mindset and visualize the end goal.

So is knowledge power? We certainly think so and so does every single one of our happy clients. So whatever it is you want to achieve in your life our advice would be to ignore opinions, focus on facts and visualize the end result. We have proven it works the rest is down to you.

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