So you're looking to join the gym?

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It's New Year and you're looking for a to join the gym.

You are not alone, everybody else that wants to try and stick to their new years resolution of getting in shape and people are flocking to their local gym.

Most people have been to a gym before, you know what it's like there. It hot, noisy and full of people. Often you can queue for ages to get to the equipment you want to use. The only gyms that don't have these issues tend to be more expensive month to month. They have their own pitfalls by offering to many luxuries! We all know somebody who goes to the gym and spends more time in the sauna and the jacuzzi than in the weight room!

Not only can finding the right gym be tricky, but it can also be difficult to find one you can actually afford to go to. After all there is no point in joining only to leave a few weeks later, great results require time and consistency!

Hopefully you can find a gym thats right for you, however you may consider an alternative.

What's the alternative to joining the gym?

Well, have you ever considered getting private one to one personal training at home which is tailored specifically to your body, your goals and your lifestyle?

personal training one to one

No? Too expensive right? Just for the rich and famous?

Not at all!

In fact you might find it cheaper than the gym in the long run!

We offer some really competitivly priced packages that are ideal for people like you who live busy lives and simply can't stand being in a crowded, noisey gym, getting much less out of it than they are putting in. Train Learn Go is all about optimising your training and nutrition to allow you to get the maximum out of it possible. What we can do with you in a few months if would take years to do at a regular gym on your own. The best part of it is... it takes place in your own home!
No travel time to and from the gym, no packing your bag the night before and no distractions. Just the undivided attention of your trainer and the knowledge that you are getting closer to your goal every single session.

How can it be cost effective when compared to the usual membership?

It's quite simple, when you go along to the local gym, you use the equipment, you go home and you rinse and repeat this for years and years. All the while paying your membership each month.
If you paid £25 a month for 5 years you would have paid out £1500.
However if you signed up to lets say you signed up for two 45 minute sessions a week with us, it would cost you £160 a month. But you maybe only need 6 months to get in the shape of your life! After that point you will absolutley understand exactly how to get into that shape on your own, with no equipment or anything that a gym can offer you. The total cost would only come out to £960. Almost a third less than the gym membership.

Many of our clients stay with us for far longer than 6 months and still make a big saving.

If you would like to speak to us directly about why we are better than the gym, click the "free consultation" button at the top of this page.

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